If this is the first time that you are interested in currency trading, forex market, you should know that education is crucial for beginners. This is also why we designed this school, guide.

To become a successful trader and survive in this market, you have to work hard. Of course knowledge alone is not enough. You also need enough experience and nerves strong as steel. We can tell you that forex market (or any other type of trading) is not a place for beginners. If you want to be a trader, you have to keep reading and learning. If you act like a gambler, you will probably lose your entire savings.

Now let’s have a look the contents of our forex school:

Chapter 1: Introduction

-What is Foreign Exchange?

-Where is the central location of the FX Market?

-Who are the participants in the FX Market?

-When is the FX market open for trading?

-What are the most commonly traded currencies in the FX markets?

-What is the difference between an “intraday” and “overnight position”?

-How do I manage risk?

-What kind of trading strategy should I use?

-How often are trades made?

-How long are positions maintained?

-What is the minimum amount needed to open an account?

-Does the foreign exchange market operate like the securities market?

Chapter 2: Getting Started

-Currency Pairs

-What is “pip”

-What is “spread”

-Leverage, trading size, profit and loss

-Types of orders

-Factors affecting the market


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